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  • I am Tired
    Have you ever overthought your way into a mental breakdown? I nearly have. I am just so, so tired. Not physically. I slept for 10 hours last night and after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race my whole body was buzzing so much that I felt like I could take on the world. Now I am tiredContinue reading “I am Tired”
  • Why Patriarchy Can SMD.
    Who runs the world? Girls. Or so we’d like to believe. The fact is that patriarchy is very much still alive even in 2020. How disappointing. Patriarchy can SMD.  Before I start I should mention that at the end of the day I don’t really care too much about the political side of things. I’mContinue reading “Why Patriarchy Can SMD.”
  • Religion is Cancelled.
    Happy Easter! Or happy Sunday! For me it’s just a normal day. For others, apparently a man has risen from the dead and is gonna save humankind. Or some other kind or nonsense. I haven’t been keeping up. Religion is cancelled for me.  I recently clicked on a blog post that I thought was aboutContinue reading “Religion is Cancelled.”
  • #StayHome – 4 Books To Improve Your Life
    Are you feeling bored during this lockdown? Why not take this opportunity to learn something new and maybe even better yourself? I love reading. And that still feels weird when I say it, because about 4 years ago I was sooo against it (if you wanna find out how I started reading and why IContinue reading “#StayHome – 4 Books To Improve Your Life”
  • Double Standards – sick of it
    Everything has changed in the last couple of months. Yet what amuses me the most is people’s double standards when it comes to health.  Let’s look at a list of what is recommended to us these days… Wash your hands – been doing that since I was a baby.  Social distancing – yeah sure. IContinue reading “Double Standards – sick of it”

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